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Bad! They Really Suck.
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Post #: 1603409265    by: Topbodz

Best Buy Really Sucks!

This review is about Best Buy. I've bought so many things from them. At fist it was OK at best, but in recent years it's been really shitty. Their prices are not the greatest -if you buy something there make sure you shop it everywhere else to get a price match if you find it cheaper elsewhere. Last year I bought a Samsung tablet with a keyboard. I later found it for much cheaper online and got a price match for $150. less than I paid. Later I bought a computer and bought the optional stylus pen. The battery in the pen was dead. I had to make a trip back to the store for a replacement. Would you believe it, they would not give me a free $2.00 battery. I would of had to buy a 2 pack for some $8.00. So, I returned the pen for a refund and bought it on eBay. Since then, I paid off my account and will absolutely NOT shop there anymore. I've just had it with Best Buy.

The reason for this review is that my wife just bough a new smart TV from them. She really wanted a Samsung BUT, the salesman convinced her that the Sony that was on sale was a better TV. Trusting that Schmuck, she bough the Sony TV. He assured he that if she didn't like it, THEY would come & pick it up and deliver a new replacement -the Samsung. Well, that is PURE BULLSHIT.

That TV is a total piece of shit. I have not bought anything Sony in over 20 years, AND will never buy SONY as long as I live. So this TV, kept losing channel 10. In the 3 weeks after the purchase we had to reprogram the channels 3 - 4 times to get 10. And, Last week, just out of the blues, while she was watching a show, the TV went black. It like just died. She called the Geeks -You know those Morons- and the best answer they had was blame it on the antenna. So they blew her off. They made an appointment for her, for 10 days later. DO YOU BELIEVE THIS SHIT? She paid good money for the Piece of crap Sony, and bought the extended insurance, but would be out of a TV for 10 Freaking days.

I made her call back to get better service. She got such run around. And the first moron that she spoke to, put her on hold 4 - 5 time to talk to his manager -More Bullshit, he kept jerking her off- he even hung up on her. What a Sorry ass! She called again and got a different guy, and got even more run-around. He was stuck up on store policies. It was a few days over the 30 days return period. She got sick of hearing his crap and hung up on him. She gave up on the Geek Morons. Later just for the hell of it, she unplugged the TV and plugged it back in and it worked.

Can you imagine that? I've never heard of a TV that needs to be "Reset". So, the moral of this review is; NEVER, NEVER let their idiot salespeople sell you anything. Don't ever trust them as to the serviceability of a product. They will probably try to sell you shit that they need to get rid of; like this Sony piece of crap. And, DON'T trust what they tell you about bringing something back unless you have it in writing. Whatever they say is just hearsay; Bullshit. We could not bring that piece of shit TV back according to their policies.

As such, I will NEVER, EVER, EVER buy anything from Best Buy EVER again. They Just SUCK!

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